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Traffic Traffic

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice video but you forgot the death ray sound effect at 0:37 and you didn't draw the chocolate box and shopping cart properly. I know I'm pointing out what's obvious. If you don't know how to add those or don't have the time send me the files and I'll add them. Also, you should find a female voice actor.

StealthyNine responds:

I was going to add the death ray sound effect when I noticed I forgot it, but, unfortunately, my Internet was down and remained down until after I finished this project. Also, If you mean the fact that the cart has no bars, I wanted to make the chocolates able to be seen. But whatever. I'll work on it. I was on a very VERY tight schedule for this project. It's due in the morning so I finished it just in time. And yes, female voice actors. I will work on that. As of now I have no friends. So that remains a problem. Thanks for the review.

Alright Alright

Rated 4 / 5 stars

He should've said "I love you even more, hun." in a kinda pervert way. That would've been a lot funnier. Funny animation though.